**WARNING** THIS MIGHT BE TOO SEXY AND EROTIC TO READ! IT’S VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like rought and dirty BDSM sex.

My lovely girl doesn’t like to involve others in our plays. But, I had to overcome my limit last week, and now it will be her turn. We won’t directly involve others, but there’ll be the risk of being caught, as she’ll become hitchhiker, and I’ll be the lucky driver to take advantage of her.

She’ll be a lost tourist with backpack, shorts and shirt (of course, nice lingerie underneath.) She’ll accidentally end up being lost in a remote area and she’ll be aware that it’s late and soon it will start getting dark. Luckily I’ll be the first driver she’ll see in hours and I’ll stop to save her. What she won’t know it’s that I’ve a dirty mind, and I love having sex with hot strangers.

I won’t willingly let her sit in my car. I’ll make her beg, and make her say that she’ll do anything for that favour. After she says it, I’ll let her sit down, and drive away.

I won’t do her favour for nothing. I’ll complain how expensive is petrol etc. She’ll say she doesn’t have money now, but she can arrange it once in the town. I’ll complain about bitches that take advantage of guys and just take and take and expect them to spend all their money on them for nothing in return, but I’m not that naïve. I don’t need to waste my time and money on shallow bitches. Women are only good for one thing: sex. And I can get it for free, just by picking up hitchhiker like her. She’ll start to get scared, and say she is not like that girls, and that she’ll pay for the ride. This is where I’ll raise my voice and say that she said she’ll do anything for me. She’ll try to explain and negotiate that she doesn’t know me and maybe even say she got some vaginal infection to change my mind. Well, in that case I’ll ask for a blowjob first, and I’ll say that I’m compromising on it already, so she better do it or she is out of my car. She’ll have to do this, and it’ll feel wonderful. I always wanted blowjob whilst driving. I’ll also say that she better does it gently as we might have accident. When she starts paying for the ride, I’ll turn my car into some remote forest area to continue my devilish plan. She’ll probably want to see where we’re going and why suddenly car is no longer on asphalt road. I won’t let her see where we’re going. I’ll hold her down with my free hand and tell her to focus on her remuneration as I know what I’m doing.

She’ll suck and lick my cock like a pro, but I’ll change my mind and it won’t be enough to pay for petrol. I’ll stop the car in the middle of the forest, lock the door and demand more from her. She won’t give it easily as we agreed that blowjob will pay for the favor. I’ll touch her, unbutton her shirt and she’ll resist. I’ll open the window just a little bit on the back of the car, and tell her that if she fits there she can run away. She is petite girl, so she’ll try. She’ll jump to the back sit, but as he kneel and lean her head out, I’ll carefully put windows back up a little so her head will be stuck there and she won’t be able to jump out from the car or come back in. I’ll join her in the back, sit and tie her hands behind her back. I’ll then slowly put her shorts down; this position will expose her appetizing ass perfectly. I’ll slap that arse, spit on it, and then spread it to taste it. Subsequently, I check if she is wet, and I’m sure she’ll be so I’ll just take my cock out to finally fill out that juicy cherry. I’ll keep on telling that bitch that she deserves it and she is nothing more than cum bag. As I fuck her I’ll tear down her bra to feel that hanging boobs. I won’t let her cum, but I’ll ejaculate on her shirt to keep my car clean. I’ll then leave the car by using other door and make her lick my dick clean. I’ll slap her if she doesn’t want to do it. After it’s nice and clean, I’ll piss into her mouth and all over her face. Carefully so not single drip gets inside my car. She’ll think it’s over but I’ll come back to the car to play with her ass for a little bit as well. Both her holes are used and dirty, but when she cums when I’m playing with her arse, it makes it more dirty and kinky. When she orgasms. I’ll open window and throw her out from the car. She’ll fall in mud with her unbuttoned shirt and shorts hanging on her. It’ll be total degradation and humiliation, but also very erotic. I’ll fuck her there one last time, before dragging her by hair on the blanket inside my trunk.


She’ll be hungry, dirty, fucked and humiliated and it’ll be just the beginning. She’ll sleep tied up in our garage on a mattress. I’ll sleep in the living room, just to be close to her and make sure she is fine, but she won’t know it that I’m there.

In the morning I’ll make myself nice smelly breakfast, and then I’ll go to the garage to wake her up by dragging her by hair to the garden. Going through smelly living room will make her even hungrier. I’ll clean her with soap and water hose. It won’t be pleasurable as water won’t be warm. After that not pleasurable experience I’ll take her back to the garage to fuck her as a reward for making her clean.

By making her cold and uncomfortable it will be easier to negotiate as she’ll now agree to almost anything. I’ll tell her she needs to earn her freedom. I might also give her some food and warm bath as a bonus. All she needs to do is show her acting capabilities in my porn movie. She’ll be lonely and horny housewife and I’ll be plumber she invited to fix her pipes. I’ll be nice to her as long as she is a good actress and act as she is told; otherwise I’ll slap and shout at her. I’ll repeat same scenes as long as I’m completely satisfied with it. I’ll start by letting her to have a warm shower. I’ll also give her very sexy lingerie, bathrobe, stilettos and make up to make her look her best for the movie.

I’ll explain scene to her one at a time before filming. We’ll start with her opening the door in her sexy untied bathrobe, and I’ll ask what needs to be fixed and she’ll lead me to sink in the kitchen. I’ll get down to the business and she’ll sit in some sexy provoking position on a table and gently touch herself. When I finish fixing sink I’ll just stand and watch her show, but soon she’ll lead my hand to join and take her there on kitchen table. We’ll film as we fuck on kitchen in different angles and positions, with zoom in and out. After my spectacular ejaculation in her mouth I’ll ask if any more pipes need unblocking, and she’ll nod yes and lead me by hand to the bathroom. She’ll pass me enema, and lie down inside the bath and spread her ass cheeks. I’ll go down to my job and enjoyably unblock her anal. She’ll be ordered to make lots of pleasure groans. I’ll film a close up of her pipes exploding. It’ll be too sexually appealing to ignore. This time I’ll put on condom and fuck her without making sure she is definitely clean. Last scene will be her sucking my cock after I take off condom.

As promised if the movie is successful she’ll pay back her debt and she’ll earn her freedom. I’ll give her promised breakfast and make sure it’s something she likes. I’ll also plan to make a nice romantic dinner as except our little plays we’re just average loving couple.