**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

Valentines are coming and obviously I planned something special. We are not into romantic valentine bullshit as we are perverted and fucked up couple. Both of us. Not only me. My wife loves when I dominate her, and she always happily fulfills all my fantasies. On valentines I’ll pay her for all that awesome sex. Literally, as is going to become my prostitute for the night. I already booked luxury suite with amazing skyline view. I didn’t tell her that I spend fortune on hotel, as I want to surprise her. She only knows that I nominated her role for the night as a prostitute. I also told her to wear a wig, some new clothes, lingerie and make up so she looks different. I’ll tell her address and room number on last minute to make it surprise but also make it realistic new sex job, and she have to come already dressed up as the game will start and she won’t be herself as soon as she gets my text with address.


I’ll wait for her in suite with a bottle of champagne. When she comes I’ll offer her glass of champagne and we’ll negotiate her job and price. I’ll pay her whatever she wants as she is my world and I can give her everything. Her task will be to dance for me and striptease all her and mine clothes off. When we’ll be naked I want her to suck me off and rub my face with her pussy, and we’ll finish with sex. After our agreement I’ll give her 5 minutes to prepare herself in the bathroom. I’ll make sure she doesn’t take longer, and she drinks more alcohol to increase her confidence and to help break limits.


I’m sure her striptease will be beautiful view next to skyline. Someone might see us because in hotel room there are big windows and candle light will surround us that night. However, this feeling of exposure will make it more fun and sexual, and we’ll be high in the sky so there will be a small chance we are being watched. Before her lips will give me ejaculation I’ll order her to fuck suction cup dildo attached to the window. I won’t let her orgasm with that, as I want the world to see how lucky I am and ride her between me and window. When I’m done I’ll mark my territory with sperm all over her and window.


What else would you play or do in the luxury hotel?