**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

Today, my other half will become secret agent. Her role will be to hide from me 8 secret boxes with unknown content to her. I’ll tell her mission is to make sure I don’t find those boxes, and she’ll be punished for telling me where they are. I’ll only tell her that she’ll enjoy when I’ll find 4 of them, and regret telling me where the other half is.

What I won’t tell her that inside those boxes will be hidden flogger, candles, ginger root (I’ll insert it to vagina, and then to her ass to create painful sensation, but I’ll massage her cunt as well to make sure its sexual sensation), and ElectraStim Uni-Polar Single Electrosex Wartenberg Pinwheel (firstly I’ll use it as pinwheel and will use its electronic function when she doesn’t expect it). To give her a break I’ll also hide pleasurable items which will include: rabbit vibrator, edible vagina lube (I’ll let her orgasm), chocolate (for her mouth orgasm), and massager (which I’ll use on her food or back to give her some relaxation before I torture her again).

As I told you in my previous posts I know my whore well, and I wouldn’t do anything she wouldn’t accept. We talk a lot, and I always secretly make sure she’ll enjoy or at least accept my surprises.

Anyway, after all those boxes will be in secure places she’ll come to me and I’ll take her by force to our bedroom, strip her naked and tie her securely in some intimate position. I’ll be the worst enemy she could ever imagine. I won’t use any additional toys, but I’ll swear, spit, pincer, tickle, deep throat, fuck her roughly and force her to rimjob me. Of course once she tells me where the box is I’ll be able to use what is inside to torture her, and make her tell me all her secrets.

After I find all the boxes, I’ll take her to empty bath and piss all over her and tell her that she is not a secret agent, but worthless whore that can’t keep her mouth shut. I’ll make her open her mouth too as her foul mouth deserves sprinkle of my piss. She won’t have to swallow it, as this will be degrading enough.


I’m not sure if I should let her soak in my piss or just to let her go. That will depend on how she feels and if I’ll be so horny that I’ll want another blowjob.

What would you hide in torture and pleasure boxes?