**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

This time, we’ll play very similar role-play as last time, but now she won’t be innocent. She’ll be aware of her sexual body, and she’ll highlight this with a tight pencil skirt and high heels. She’ll also wear glasses to change her everyday look. I’ll wear suit and pretend to run a solicitor firm whilst she’ll be my secretary who would do anything to keep her job.

As I’m dominant, I always run the storyline, and she is unaware of everything that awaits her. She only knows first paragraph of this role-play. I’ll start by ordering her to make me, a coffee, and pretend I talk on phone with client and make some notes.

When she comes back with my coffee, I’ll pass her the notes, and tell her that my client has an unusual request as he needs us to prepare him BDSM contract, and I’ll need her to do my research about it and list me all possible role duties, punishments, rewards, soft and hard limits. She’ll have to obey, and I’ll find some employment contract online and rearrange it to suit my secretary role-play. I’ll give her short time period to complete this task, and she’ll definitely take much longer, so I’ll have a chance to complain about her work competence. I’ll also complain that not everything is listed, give her some examples and order her to do more research. When she comes back again, I’ll still complain like any evil boss would. However, I’ll take the paper from her, and let her go with the new task of finding out privacy and safety paragraphs that will need to go on the contract. I’ll let her get on with work, and arrange all her findings into my contract. I’ll also add any ideas she missed out, add our names and anything that would need to be in BDSM contract. After I’m done, I’ll hide secret camera in my office, and put out a glass of whiskey on my desk. I’ll go to another room which would be her office, and tell her that I’m leaving for lunch and when I come back my office needs a bit of filling from my desk, as it starts to look messy so she needs to take her off it.

I know her very well, so I know she won’t let a bottle of whiskey to get unnoticed. She’ll drink a bit as she always does before our scenes to give courage. I hope I come back in the right time to catch her drinking. If not, then I’ll have record from my hidden camera. If she’ll be good girl then I’ll check her internet browsing history to prove her she didn’t do work and wasted company time and resources, but I’m sure I’ll catch her drinking. I’ll accuse her of drinking alcohol at work, and stealing property designed for meetings with clients. She’ll try to defend herself, but I’ll say I’ve no choice but to start disciplinary procedures against her. She’ll keep on begging to give her last chance and I’ll reluctantly say that I can eventually modify her contract a bit. The light of hope will switch in her eyes, which will disappear after I tell her that I want to modify it by adding paragraphs from research she done for me today. She’ll probably say it’s immoral, and I can’t propose her things like this. Well, I won’t ask her again, I’ll just continue writing her disciplinary leave document.

She’ll definitely change her mind and we’ll start negotiating our BDSM contract. I’ll tell her that all her normal duties and terms of the contract will stay the same, and I’ll just add a couple of paragraphs and terms. Her new additional role will be to sexually entertain me whenever I’ll feel like it in her working hours inside office. Another of her new role will be to make sure she takes care of her hygiene and sexual health, as well as wearing appropriate sexy office clothes with seductive lingerie. Subsequently, I’ll add all soft limits she has written down into her duties, and from hard limits we’ll choose the ones which will become her punishments for not fulfilling her duties properly and on time. Of course, for ending the contract the disciplinary procedures will be resumed, and she’ll also be required to pay financial penalty. I’ll be allowed to punish her the way I desire unless it is written down in her hard limits. I’ll let her add some points to it. Last paragraph will describe our privacy agreement as nobody can know about and be involved in our new relationship. I’ll be only able to make videos for my personal pleasures.

I’ll be really hard for her to sign this document, especially as she won’t like punishments because some of them will involve her hard limits. However, she won’t have a choice. After she signs it she’ll want to go to carry on her duties, but I’ll tell her that the contract wasn’t punishment and now I’ll need to punish her for her misconducts. Firstly, for drinking at work I’ll order her to lay her stomach on my laps, and I’ll pull her skirt up and I’ll spank her as she’ll count to 30. The thief is bigger offence, so I’ll pick one of her hard limits that been decided to be punishments.

After that I’ll work for a while as she’ll sit under my desk doing blowjob. I’ll also think of all the ways to catch her misbehave. I’ll help her by giving her impossible tasks like making coffee in an impossible period of time. I’ll catch her browsing the internet and using her phone at work. I’ll use all punishments from our contract and also use all office supplies for example paper clips as her nipple and pussy clamps, and elastic bands as spanking device. Of course, there will be lots of sex on the desk in the mess of documents and paper as this will be her main role which she’ll fulfil perfectly as she always does.

How would you punish your incompetent secretary?