**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.


I’ll let my girl know that she’ll have to be an innocent school girl. She’ll have a crash on me, her biology teacher, who will make her act silly and flirty. However, she’ll be a good girl and she doesn’t want to lose her virginity, but with a little persuasion she’ll satisfy my all other sexual desires in exchange for a better grades. She is failing the class, so now she has a final chance to improve her grade and she needs to pass resit test. All her friends passed, and after hours, she is still in the classroom with her handsome teacher, fighting for her future. She’ll need to wear innocent clothes which will be sexy at the same time. Pig tails, with long tights and short plaid skirt, and blouse with tie. I’ll wear some smart teacher clothes too.

The test will involve external and internal sex anatomy. I’ll give her a piece of paper and order her to draw male and female organs and to name them. She’ll fail, and I’ll enjoy shouting at her and frighten her that she’ll have to be punished with a grade repetition. She’ll beg me to give her another chance, and I won’t see a point as this was final chance and my classes and textbook didn’t help her to properly learn the subject. She’ll keep on begging, and I’ll say that I’ll do her a favour, but she needs to start a private tutoring with me now, as there is no time because it’ll be summer holiday soon. She’ll be very happy, and thank me for my kindness.

I’ll lock the doors, and tell her that since pictures in the textbook didn’t teach her I don’t have a choice, but to show her real organs, and to do this I’ll take my jeans off.

I’ll ask her to show me where my penis is. She’ll probably laugh nervously as this’ll be a silly simple question, and she’ll be shocked that her teacher undressed next to her. I’ll tell her to take it seriously and to touch my penis and to explore it as this is a chance to develop her knowledge. She’ll have to show me: shaft, glans, opening of the urethra, foreskin, scrotum, sulcus, frenulum, testicles, rectum and so on. I’ll ask her to demonstrate me gliding mechanism, and give her a hard task of finding my prostate. I’ll help her locate it, and she’ll probably hesitate to show me where it is, but I want to give her lesson she won’t forget. She’ll have to lubricate my ass with lubricant I’ll provide her from my drawer. She’ll carefully and slowly insert her finger in my rectum. It will be hard to pretend I won’t enjoy it and that is only for educational purposes. I’ll also give her little quiz about internal male anatomy, but unfortunately I won’t have any satisfaction from it.

After exploration of the male reproduction system, it will be turn to explore her young female body. I’ll order her to sit on my desk, take her pants off and pull the skirt up. She’ll be shy, and she’ll hesitate. I’ll explain her that I saw million of girls, and she is no different and she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to improve her grades as this is necessary for her to help her remember. After all it’ll be more embarrassing to fail the class and repeat the year rather than to undress in front of me, so she’ll comply. I’ll take a small mirror to make sure she can see how I touch her. Unlike her I’ll touch her more firmly and confidently. I’ll touch every single small part of her body, and ask millimeter by millimeter what it is. I’ll hold it until she guess. I’ll find her g-spot, and give her a hard time to resist me.

I’ll be very surprised to see that she still has her hymen unbroken. I’ll ask her how it is possible such a pretty girl never had sex with her boyfriend. I’ll suggest showing her the purpose of her vagina. I don’t know what she’ll say, but she won’t agree. I’ll tell her not to worry as her virginity is safe with me and I’ll only use my fingers and tongue. I’ll push her to lie down and tell her to relax. I’ll give her the orgasm she never had before. In real life too, as I read a lot about female ejaculation and today is the day. This website which was most helpful is: http://fetishexchange.org/female-ejaculation.shtml . It’ll be fun and exciting to watch her ejaculating.

After, she has an orgasm of her life I’ll need to pay me back. I’ll let her rest, but then I want an orgasm too. She wants to be a virgin, but virgin can still suck a penis. She will suck my cook, and I’ll tell her she sucks at it. I’ll instruct her how I like it, and she’ll do it perfectly according to my instructions, but I’ll still pretend I don’t enjoy it. If she wants to pass my class she won’t have a choice; I’ll need to fuck her. She’ll cry that she is a virgin and beg me not to force her, so I’ll fuck her ass to save her virginity, and both of us will be happy.