**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

Today I told her not to wait on Friday with dinner for me, as I won’t come back home straight away. Instead, I told her to wear sexy nightwear and to leave open curtains. I warned her that we’ll play burglar role-play, so she better prepare herself for intrusion when she doesn’t expect it.

When it’ll get dark I’ll jump over the fence to the backyard, and watch her from our garden. Knowing her, she’ll be trying her hardest to look hot and sexy all the time as if knowing I’m already watching her. I might take some sneaky pictures (without flash to make sure she is unaware of my presence). I’ll wear black clothes, gloves, comfy shoes and of course ski mask. When she’ll be upstairs, I’ll quietly open the door, and slowly try to get upstairs. I might quietly watch her through the key hole, and wait for the perfect moment. When she’ll be turned with her back towards me, I’ll quickly approach her from behind. I’ll put my hand on her mouth, and tell her not to scream as I know she lives alone and her neighbours are away for the weekend. I’ll throw her on the bed and quickly unzip my trousers, and then lay on top of her. I’ll overpower her, and hold her hands above her head, and start kissing her mouth roughly and fondling her pussy with my other hand. She’ll resist and I’ll tell her that I know that she is a heartless dirty slut, that she flirt and seduce guys, but then doesn’t give anything in return for drinks, complements and affections.

I’ll take her by force, without foreplay therefore I’ll use my saliva as lubricant. I’ll keep on holding both her hands above her head whilst I’ll make her suck my fingers in the other hand. It’ll make her quiet and prepare for sucking my dick of later. I’ll remind her that she is a fucking bitch and I’ll tell her how she loves to suck my dirty fingers. I’ll also spit into her mouth and make her swallow it as she is cum and only a trash bag.

After I’m done fucking her I’ll tie her hands and legs to the bed frame, and seal her mouth with tape to have some more fun with her. I’ll take out the camera from my bag and take so nasty photos of her. I’ll take some close ups, and I’ll keep abusing her verbally. I’ll let her know that she is only good for one thing, and she is stupid to think otherwise. I’ll search her wardrobe and I’ll find lots of sex toys which will be perfect for my photo shoot and for more fun. All that play with her will definitely make me horny, so I’ll finish the day with forced blowjob. She’ll have to suck my dick, balls and arse and then swallow my sperm without a single drop. After that I’ll tie her up in a comfortable position as that’s how she’ll have to sleep. I’ll also prepare a nice surprise for her by making ice didlo in the freezer for tomorrow play time. I’ll then join her in the bed and cuddle her immobilized naked body while my fingers will touch her naughty spots. I’ll switch off lights so I’ll be able to take off my mask without showing my face. I’ll try to fall asleep first and keep her awake until I fall asleep.

In the morning I’ll again wear my mask and then she’ll be woken up with an orgasm. I’ll then take a marker pen and write on her dirty insults, pictures and arrows to her fuck holes. If she moves and doesn’t allow me to write on her she’ll be punished with powerful smack on her ass or pussy. When I’m done with my masterpiece, I’ll have to capture it on the picture.

For the next activity I’ll need to tie her to different and more secure position. I really love tying her up in new exposed ways. I especially love predicament bondage; therefore she’ll have to kneel with her legs tied to spreader, and hands tied to each other behind her back. The catch will be that both of her nipples and pussy lips will be closely connected by clamps on the chains. She’ll have to make sure not to move from that close position, and she’ll lie nicely on the bed otherwise if she moves up or to the side the nipple clamps will cause her greater pain and if they fall off I’ll re-attach it again and again.

For a change I won’t fuck her straight away. I’ll apply on her pussy cooling gel which I used before, so I know she doesn’t have an allergy or any bad reactions. I’ll wait to let it work, and then I’ll take from the freezer self-made ice didlo which will be in condom as I don’t want her skin to stick to it. After I’m done playing with her pussy, I’ll then repeat the whole process with her asshole. Of course I want some pleasure too so at the end; I’ll choose one of her holes to fuck her and then sperm all over her back. However, I hope I’ll get more ideas from my readers. Please comment.