**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

It will be hard to plan this one, as she’ll be a cat, and cats have a mind of their own. She’ll be allowed to disobey my commands and do whatever she wants. But I’m her owner so I’ll be able to punish her, and she as a cat can’t do all human things, and won’t be as strong. She has to pretend she is weak and small as a cat. We came to agreement that she is not allowed to talk. She’ll be able to say meow and all cat sounds, but no human speech allowed. Also, as every cat, she will have to be naked and walk on all fours. She’ll have cat ears, make up, collar, and sometimes I might use a leash. I got her cute paws gloves, which don’t have separate fingers, to make sure she doesn’t behave like human. If she’ll be naughty I’ll tie her forearms to upper arms which will be uncomfortable, but will help her to be cat. We decided she’ll be already trained and smart cat, so she’ll know she is not allowed on furniture, piss in the toilet or floor, and will listen to my commands for all the different cats and dogs tricks. She doesn’t have to listen, but I’ll punish her. I’ll use whips and shout or order her to lie down in an awkward position with toy in her mouth. Punishment for things that cats can’t do will be more severe and intense. Unfortunately, we don’t have a litter box so she’ll use the backyard. She is lucky we have a big fence around it. She’ll also be rewarded with her favourite sweet treats for her good behaviour.

As always, we’ll start the day with breakfast. Unfortunately, this time I’ll have to make it. She’ll have milk and cereals in a pet bowl on the floor, whilst I’ll make myself something fulfilling and smelly so she’ll be jealous and look at me as I eat and beg to give her some. I might let her eat some from my dick as I love when kitties lick me.

After breakfast I’ll do the washing and let her go to play outside, and also give her possibility to do a poop. I’ll let her know that for the health reasons I won’t let her back inside until she does it. If she takes too long I’ll visit her and humiliate her by making noises or I’ll pretend I’m inviting friends to come over. She’ll want to hide in the house so that will make her do it. Whipping her also might help. It will be humiliating for her and to make it worse, she won’t be able to wipe her ass.

I’ll enjoy the view for a while outside, but then I’ll take that dirty kitty for a bath like all owners would do if their cat would cover itself with shit. I’ll put the leash on and lead her to the bathroom. I’ll tie the leash to something, so my cat doesn’t run away. I’ll take off her gloves, and stroke her so she’ll be nicely sitting in the bath. If she tries to run away, I’ll whip her and shout to stay in the bath. I’ll clean her very carefully and thoroughly. I’ll stick my fingers in her pussy and asshole. I’ll also use an enema as I want her clean for her first anal sex later. The day before I’ll put shower gel into dog shampoo bottle. After I wash her I’ll show her what I used to annoy her and to make her misbehave as I love slapping and whipping her ass. After I’m done, I’ll try her with a towel, and reward her with sweat treat and let her sleep in my warm bed. I’ll have time for myself in the bathroom now. I might take a crap, shave and take a shower.

I’ll then join my kitty in bed. We’ll play a game. She’ll have to turn around and I’ll lick a sweet and touch a couple of strange and unexpected parts of my body, so then she’ll have to lick me to find those sweet parts of the body. After she finds places touched by sweet, she will be rewarded with hugs and kisses. I’ll cuddle and fondle her everywhere, especially her asshole as today it will be stretched and fucked for the first time. I was stretching her with fingers and butt plugs for quite a while so she should be ready today, but I’ll be very slow and gentle for a change. I’ll fuck her doggy style in the pussy first to relax her. Then I’ll stick one finger followed by the second finger into her asshole. I’ll work my way in until she is ready to take my wholly penis inch by inch. I’ll insert it very gently and slowly making sure it doesn’t hurt my kitty. I’m sure she’ll be very tight down there which will drive me crazy. I’ll sperm inside her, and I’ll put foxy anal plug in her ass, so she is filled with my semen and will look very hot.

I’ll be finished with her, so she’ll have to go down to her big pillow on the floor as pets are not allowed on furniture without permission. I might also take some sweet and kinky photos with her foxy tail.

Again, I’ll be responsible for making dinner. However, I won’t make her portion, as somebody will have to eat my leftovers. That’s what animals are for, and she won’t have it for free. Every bite will need to be earned. She’ll need to do several of doggy and kinky ticks to have some food from my hand. I’ll also make her hump something until she orgasm if she disobeys she’ll be whipped.

I’ll clean up the dishes in the kitchen and then we might play. She’ll chase feather cat teaser as it will annoy her by touching her pussy and tail. After that I’ll let her rest and take out the anal plug from her ass. My sperm will pour out of her, so I might give her a little shower if it will be too dirty.

For our last kitty game I planned to stick a vibrator in her pussy, and I’ll remove it after she’ll lick out all the milk from the bowl. It will be hard as she’ll definitely orgasm before she drinks milk as it is hard to drink something using only tongue. I’ll make sure she doesn’t sip it.

She’ll sleep on the floor or maybe cuddled to my feed. Before we go to sleep, I’ll once again fuck her not longer virgin ass, as orgasm is the best sleeping pill.

Did you ever train a pet? What were your methods, games and rules?