**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

Today I’ll become as sweaty and disgusting as possible. My girl will only know that I’ll be her personal trainer and she’ll be my sexy client, who I can’t resist and I’ll rape her.

I want to become as sweaty as possible to release the smell of my hormones and she’ll desire me as I desire to smell her sweaty pussy. We’ll become even closer. I want to feel her, and not some cheap perfumes. I also want her to feel, love and want me as I am.

So, she will need to wear some tight clothes without underwear. We’ll need to get sweaty, so we’ll benefit from some serious workout. We’ll start with skipping rope warm up, and I’ll enjoy watching her boobs jumping. We’ll do a lot of stretching exercises, and I’ll direct her how to do it properly by accidently touching her private parts. I’ll make sure she does a lot of bending exercises so I can enjoy the view of her sticking ass. I might even come closer and do some gentle dry humping perhaps on a fitness ball. At the end, we’ll do some strength training by doing wrestling together. This would involve a lot of touching in inappropriate places, and will make me wild.

I won’t have to pretend that I can’t resist her. I’ll start kissing her and touching her boobs. She’ll resist and try to push me away, so I’ll have to take her by force and tie her up with skipping rope. I’ll rip her and my clothes off. I’ll smell her sweaty pussy, and I’ll lay on her 69 style, so she can smell me too. I’ll penetrate her cunt with my tongue whilst tea bagging her mouth. Before she or I have an orgasm I’ll make her lick and penetrate my ass with her tongue. If she resists I’ll pinch and twist her nipples until her tongue is deep inside me. When I’m satisfied I’ll turn around to kiss her neck and mouth, and fuck her hard. I’ll be rough and loud.

Do you have any kinky exercise ideas? Or what to do with helpless naked beauty at gym? Comment!