**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

This time my little slave will become my French maid. I’ll expect her to wake up before me to take a shower, shave her public hair, wear her new sexy costume, and prepare me a breakfast. She’ll need to eat her breakfast before I wake up, as she is only a maid, and not my wife, so we don’t eat at the same table. I’ll set up my alarm clock at 10, so she’ll have plenty of time. To get her in her role and make it realistic I told her she used to do the cleaning and cooking for me, but she didn’t know I’ve a secret camera in my living room where she masturbated with didlo which she found in my drawer. I showed her the video, and said this is unacceptable behaviour, and I should punish her by sending this to her friends and family. I told her we can only compromise if she agrees that from now she’ll do more than cleaning as I’ve a lot of sexual needs that needs to be satisfied. I told her that from now on she is not allowed to wear underwear, disobey or do anything without my permission. She needs to ask for permission to speak or even to use a bathroom. She also has to call me Master, and wear French maid costume unless I want her naked. If she disobeys I’ll publish her embarrassing video. She won’t have a choice and she will become my property. I told her that I’ll publish her naked photo or video in real life as well to make sure she plays her role perfectly. She agreed for that one day. If she stops role-playing and disobey one of my demands I’ll straight away go to my computer and threat her to load pictures, but I’ll give her chance to change her mind. She definitely won’t have a choice, but obey all my demands, so I can’t wait to start playing with my toy, and do whatever I want with her.

As planned I’ll wake up at 10. My slave will wait for me with breakfast in the dinning room. I’ll greet her by slapping her ass. I’ll order to get on all fours on the dinning table. There is nothing better for breakfast than eating pussy. I’ll sit on a chair in front her rear end, which will stick in the air, and I’ll spread her lick her cunt until I can taste her juices. I’ll stop when she’ll be about to orgasm as all of this will be only for my pleasure. I’ll then pull her dress up, so I can see all her bottom, and slap it. I’ll then spread her buttocks and spill maple syrup around her to lick it off her ass and asshole. I’ll also eat pancakes of her. When I finish my breakfast, I’ll order her to turn around and I’ll stand out so she can suck me off and swallow my semen. I’ll then tell her to go clean herself, and I’ll sit on a toilet and watch her naked wet body. When she is done, she will wear again her maid costume and I’ll have a crap on a toilet. She’ll have to wipe me clean. Then I’ll sit in a bath and she’ll have to clean me with showerhead to wipe all dirt and sweat from last night. I’ll make her to insert her finger in my anus to make sure I’m clean there too. She will then dry me and bring me my warm robe.

I’ll go back to bed as it’ll be Saturday and I won’t have any responsibilities. I’ll watch a movie whilst she’ll go to the kitchen to prepare my coffee and clean mess I made on the table. After that, she’ll accompany me by massaging my feet. I’ll ask her to suck all of my toes, and lick between them until the movie ends. At the beginning I’ll watch her do it, but then I’ll order her to do it the other way round so her ass is visible and I’ll play with her as private parts as she will be sucking my feet. She might disobey, but then I’ll have a reason to publish her photos. She won’t have a choice now.

After she finish this task I’ll leave the bed to browse the Internet, and she’ll have to make the bed, pick up clothes from the floor, clean up and dust off the shelves in the bedroom. From time to time I’ll have a peek under her skirt or slap her ass cheek. She’ll also have to vacuum the rooms. She’ll start with other parts of the house so she doesn’t annoy me with the noise. I’ll later go to the dinning room with my laptop, so she’ll be able to vacuum bedroom as well. She’ll also have to do the laundry, and I’ll make sure she’ll program washing machine for double spinning. When the washing machine will start to spin I’ll rip her French maid costume and put her on the washer. I’ll fuck her roughly and watch as her boobs bounce. This time I’ll sperm to condom. I’ll order her not to orgasm, but if she does I’ll punish her. Probably I’ll punish her anyway. She will have to go on her four again on the washing machine and I’ll lubricate her, finger a bit and insert anal beads. She’ll have to go to hang washing in the garden wearing only anal beads. She’ll also need to go shopping for the dinner, but I’ll let her wear a coat since its late autumn.

When she will come back from shopping I’ll watch her preparing dinner. I’ll let her decide what we’ll eat. I’ll remind her that we’re not eating together, so she needs to eat as she prepare it as otherwise she’ll be hungry. This time I’ll eat it from the plate and not from her. As I’ll need she’ll do my a little show. I’ll order her to bring bucket with water and wash the floor in the kitchen with her hair. She’ll still be naked with beads in her ass so it’ll be very interesting to watch. When she’ll be done, I’ll fuck her on that floor and slowly remove the beads and finish by ejaculating all over her boobs. Dirty slut will need to wash herself, and then again wash me.

She’ll once again wear her French maid costume and come back to her duties. The kitchen and dinning room will also need serious cleaning up, so she will do it as I read a book or entertain myself some other way. I might also order her to bake me some cake or cookies. When she’ll be in the kitchen I’ll visit her to penetrate her with a carrot or cucumber on the kitchen countertop. I might take some photos to have more things I can blackmail her with. Unfortunately, this day will have to end. She’ll make my bed and read me erotic literature to sleep. After that I’ll just fall asleep with her in my arms, as at the end of the day she is so much more than just some French maid.

Any ideas for more tasks for my French maid will be highly appreciated.