**WARNING** VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!! Do not read if you do not like BDSM.

Tomorrow after dinner I planned a mad scientist role-play. Today I told my little slave that I‘ll be some psychopathic scientist who will do research and experiments on her. Obviously she’ll need to pretend it’s all against her will. I also told her we’ll pretend to use anaesthesia twice, and that time she’ll have to listen to my orders and she won’t be allowed to speak unless she wants to stop our game. She agreed, but I won’t let her know any more details to keep her surprised tomorrow. I have hidden all toys from her, and even thought she is asking a lot of questions I won’t tell her single detail of what will happen tomorrow.

In my head everything is almost perfectly planned. I’ll start by tying her hands behind her back and placing gag ball in her mouth. I’ll lay her down on a table which will be in the middle of the room. I’ll put a leg spreader between her legs, and make her watch and wait as I’ll slowly were my costume. I’ll wear doctor mask to hide my smile and make me look scary and serious. I’ll wear latex gloves as it creates different sensations than being touched by the skin. And obviously I’ll have laboratory gown. It was considering having nothing underneath lab gown, but my patient will feel more vulnerable and naked when I’m fully dressed whilst she isn’t. I love when my slave is exposed, and I can see all of her. To make that feeling of exposition stronger I’ll switch on the camera and bright lights. I’ll put my nose into her pussy and smell her and tell her that I’m going to do some nasty things to her but it is for the greater good. I’ll tell her that I need to video everything for research, and to share it with my students. I’ll keep on checking her temperature and pulse through our play and keep notes of it to make it realistic. I’ll pretend to use anaesthesia, and she pretended to be unconscious, so I’ll be able to easily prepare her for my experiments.

I’ll tell her I need to clean my toy, and that’s why I’ll tie her in the bathtub. She’ll sit down and I’ll tie her wrists to her ankles and put spreader between her legs. I’ll put some towel to make it more comfortable and she will lie back so both her holes will be widely open to me and in my sight. I’ll tighten her hair to the shelf behind her to make sure she doesn’t sit back on her ass which would make things complicated. After she’ll be “comfortable” in her position I’ll bring the camera. It’ll be the first time I’ll use an anal douche on her. Enema cleans better, but it’s her first time so I wanted to be gentle, Next time I might do an enema in the garden or on PVC sheets in bedroom. I might invest in Clean Stream Shower Enema System with Dildo, and maybe I’ll pretend to be an alien who does experiments on humans. There are many positions to try. It would be a beautiful sight to do it whilst she would be the doggy style position which is most popular for enemas and I could put chair in tub and tie her to it or use doggy style locking spreader:


Possibilities are endless.

There are also so many things I can fill her up with which would create different effects. I’ll start with plain water, but I read somewhere it’s safer to add salt or coffee or lemon. Milk would also look amazing as it would remind me of sperm. I’ll do more research tomorrow’s morning. I want to make sure she is safe and clean. It would be also fun if whatever I feel her up with would be very explosive, so it would be harder for her to keep it in her anus. Temperature also makes a difference, so I’ll start by putting rectal thermometers into her ass.

This is when we’ll start pretending anaesthesia stopped working and she can try to stop me. It’ll be fun to watch her struggle, but I’ll have to remember to keep on touching her pussy to keep her aroused. I won’t let her orgasm, but I’ll keep her on the edge until I’ll need her orgasms for my research. However, I think it’s important to keep her aroused as otherwise she won’t find it erotic and enjoyable. She won’t admit it, but she’ll love every minute of it.

I’ll prepare douche in front of her eyes and tell her in details what will happen. How water will fill her stomach up and mix with her shit which will eventually explode smelly mixture on the clean bath. I’ll make her feel dirty and disgusting. I’ll put my finger in her anus and then let her smell it. Before inserting douche it will be important to start playing with her asshole with my fingers, to prepare it for what will happen next. I’ll also use a lot of lubricant. It’ll be embarrassing for her but exciting for me. I already can feel my hard on by just thinking about it. I think what turns me on about it is the fact that is so fucked up and dirty and not many people would do it. It also will prove her submission and love to her master. Not many people would allow that to happen. I’ll have to take her gag out to make sure I don’t do her any harm. I’ll slowly fill her up and keep on checking how it feels. She’ll beg me to stop, but I’ll be only concerned if it hurts. It’ll take a while for her fluid to come out, but I’ll be patient as I won’t miss that embarrassing moment. She might have cramps, so I’ll massage her stomach. I might also finger her ass, and block the flow in the middle to make it more fun. I’ll re-do fill her couple of times to make sure she is clean, but not too many so she is not too dry later on. I’ll wait about half an hour to make sure there is nothing left inside her. I don’t want her to shit in my face when I don’t expect it. After that I’ll carefully clean her body, focusing on her asshole and pussy. I’ll also masturbate her with strong water flow on her pussy, but I’ll stop just before her orgasm.

I’ll also shave her pussy and asshole bareless. I’ll do it in the bathtub as it’ll be easier to clean shaven hair of her. I’ll leave do this in that order as she needs to be clean before shaving to avoid nasty skin infections. This will be the end of my preparations of the subject, and I’ll need to relocate her to my lab. Again, I’ll pretend to anaesthesia her. I’ll resolve her. And this also is her chance to change her mind of continuing playing. I’ll also let her use it as a short break to eat, drink or pee. If she wouldn’t like our medical role-play, she wouldn’t let round two begin.

She is dirty bitch so, I am sure I’ll be able to tie her back to table in the middle of our bedroom. She’ll be on her back with the spreader between her legs and a gag in her mouth. This time I’ll connect the camera to the TV so she’ll see close up of what I’m doing. I’ll put needles and scalpel in her sight to scare her. However, I’ll start by inserting speculum in her pussy. I always wanted to explore her pussy deeply. I’ll see point G which will help me to satisfy my woman in the future. I’ll also do close up of this and describe to her what I see. I’ll take lots of pictures, as I won’t see her that openly soon. I’ll be disgusted that she is not a virgin, and complain how wide and loose she is. I’ll tell her she is a bitch that can’t keep her legs closed. I’ll also make note of how wide her pussy can open, and pretend to take samples with cotton swab. I’ll let her know my estimation of how many cocks her pussy had in the past, and how many can fit at the same time. I’ll let her know again how disgusted I’m with her, and that luckily I wear gloves.


After those tasks I’ll take out her speculum and her gag. I’ll need to find out how wide her mouth can open. She will be in a perfect deep throat position so I’ll pull down my pants and try how far my dick is reaching in her throat. I’ll probably be very excited so I’ll fuck her mouth until I cum right into her throat. I’ll put my pants on as if nothing had happened and continue to do my research. I’ll measure her, boobs and especially nipples. Then I’ll play with her nipples to see how quickly they stand out, and how bigger they will be. I’ll also use ice to see her nipples reaction.  At the end of this test I’ll use wartenburg wheel to check her nerve reaction on every part of her body.thing by pinching her nipples etc. I’ll take notes of everything.


Next I’ll take out the stop watch to see how quickly she’ll orgasm with my finger in her mouth and pussy. After her orgasm she’ll think it’s the end, but I’ll put the gag back on her, so she doesn’t complain its too much as I’ll break world record in number of orgasms that can be reached within one night. I’ll measure the time and the number of her orgasms. I’ll keep note of her pulse and temperature. I’ll also try to arouse her pussy different ways. I’ll make her orgasm with my mouth, with my dick, with didlo, with vibrator and anything I can think of. I’ll also see if her pussy orgasm faster if at the same time I’m fingering her ass or touch her boobs. Oh, there will be lots of ass fingering.

I’ll probably have a break or two to watch telly or to do some DIY at home. Whilst she’ll be there waiting and wondering what will happen next. Maybe if I feel nice I’ll give her some drink or snack. Whilst torturing her with orgasms I’ll also take longest didlo I can find and will investigate how far it can go. I’ll draw a line when I can’t put it any further and write another note in my notebook. I’ll also find out how many fingers I can put inside her. After that I’ll be tired of playing with her pussy. I’ll need her doggy style. I’m good with ropes, so I’ll be able to easily turn her around without the need to pretending I’m using anaesthesia again. She’ll be tired, so there would be too risky she wouldn’t want to keep on playing. Good submissive needs to learn to do things she does not want to, so I’ll be strong and won’t feel sorry for her. If I’ll have problems turning around my slave I might put her into that position, so her ass will be more visible:


In doggy style, with her ass in the air I’ll measure her virgin ass. I’m slowly preparing her for anal sex. That’s why I was playing a lot with her asshole earlier. It’ll be also a good moment to take measurements of her asshole. I’ll use a lot of lube on her ass, and my fingers. The ass unlike pussy doesn’t have an end, so I’ll put my middle finger all the way in. I’ll then investigate how many fingers will be able to fit in her tight ass. After measuring her I will do my last experiment.

I’ll find out how many times I need to slap her ass to make it red. She got two bullocks so one of them will be slapped with just hand and another one will be whipped. At the end, I’ll masturbate by touching her ass with my dick and fingering her ass. She is not ready for anal, but her ass is such a turn on. I’ll cum on her back, and after that untie her and order to clean the mess.

Please comment if you got any ideas for more medical research I can do on my slave or advice me if you know how I can develop my role-play tomorrow.