On this blog, I will share my ideas and experiences of how to dominate naughty bitches and spice up your sex life. Of course, not all women will like to be dominated, but there are also ladies who would love it but are too embarrassed to admit it. So if your women give you little hints it’s worth a try, the worst thing which could happen is hearing her scream RED! I love when a woman is submissive as by being in charge I feel powerful and masculine. Some like power change, but I wouldn’t let woman to treat me like a slave. I do not do what women want me to do. I am the man, and Master of our bedroom. I am into BDSM, and I like to play rough. I like using her like a slave, pulling hair, humiliating, choking her as she cums, spanking her, and completely dominating her. My woman can’t touch herself or cum without my permission. She must call me Sir and fulfilling all my filthy desires. Her cunt is no longer her own, but mine. I want her to want to surrender, but sometimes to force her to do something she doesn’t want. Too much for you? Well, I understand. I don’t like “sadomasochism” but I do like to dominate. I wouldn’t hurt her or do something she really doesn’t want to do. The power is in knowledge. I know my little slave well, and I know her boundaries. Sometimes I cross them, but just a little bit and if I see this is becoming too much then I don’t push further. I push the limits, but I respect her rules. If she says no to scat, then I will respect it, but if she is unsure about anal then I will fuck her ass until she cums. I noticed that on the internet there are lots of great ideas, but they are not well described and developed, so I will start by giving instructions on how to role play dominating roles.